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Who Can I Contact for More Information?  How Can I Bring a

TranscendDiscipline Orientation to My Organization?



Elizabeth offers specialized consulting services to organizations and funders of all sizes.

She brings her unique approach to the heart of an organization

by partnering closely with executive leadership, Boards, field teams and donors

to positively change the way we work.

Inspire Breakout Thinking * 

* Empower and Excite Front-Line Staff * 

* Achieve Game-Changing Impact *

* Raise the Bar from 'Being Funded' to 'Being World-Class' * 

Read testimonials from organizations and practitioners around the world to the impact of Elizabeth's work!

Elizabeth is available for speaking and consulting engagements.

She can be contacted at or through

Our foremost task is to ensure the survival of these qualities:

an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, and

above all, compassion.

Adapted from Kurt Hahn

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