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Thank you!  Our crowdsourced Launch Appeal raised more than USD 20,000 in our first eight weeks!    

We hope our vision moves you.  

Please help us continue our groundbreaking work.   


 You can support us here!

Enthusiastic thanks go to members of our 

"Founders Circle,"

whose generous private donations made launch possible.

We're proud to have you as Founding Partners!

* denotes a Principal Founding Partner with contributions of $1,000 )

* denotes a Major Donor with contributions of $500 or more )

* denotes a Catalytic Giver who brought in a matching charitable contribution )

* Donald Lee Walker *

(in memoriam) 

* Susan Lawwill *

(in memory of Donn and Gertrude Lawwill)

* Jim Wilson *

* Stephanie Wahl and Robert Robinson *

* Christopher Walker *

* Sameer Chishty *

* Jamie and Ashley Harmon *

* Meghan and Ben Balbale *

* Anonymous *

* Christian A. Isham 

Molly W. Anderson, M.D. 

Kathleen and Michael Schoen *

Gretchen Brennan 

(in memory of Tom Brennan)

* Bill and Kelly Karpovich *

* Alistair Burroughs *

* Paul Dufays  

* * Kathryn S. Fuller * *

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

(charitable match)

Alex Purtov

Jan Bach

Jan Milner & Family

Peter Walker

Laura Wilkinson

Suzy and Courtney Vares-Lum

Jane Hale Hopkins

Karen Osterle

Ray C. Short

Altinay Kuchukeeva

Connecticut Country Clothing

(corporate sponsorship pledge)

Bill Koehler

Joseph and Elegie LoCascio

Richard Parker Jr. and Mungunchimeg Togtnol

Helene Carlson

Nathan and Julie Hanson

Dilia Caballero & Family

Kristin Craighead & Family

Susan and Jeffrey Lee

Gail Daubert

Linda LeCraw

Sanjay and Jennifer Krishnaswamy

Steven Kalkanis, M.D.

Mark and Jacqueline de Oliveira


Cathy Kim Penny

Steve Thomas

Mary Louise Kelly and Nick Boyle


Angie Katz Comiteau

Josh and Amy Dieterich

Margaret McHale

Jessica Schwarz

Alex Nguyen and Jennifer Neuman

Laura Callary and Nathan Dooley

Liz Weld Wei

Matthew Fogelson


Jonathan and Kelly Macmanus Funke

Korin Hudson Fabian & Family

Zoe Cummings and Troy Resch

Theodore Rosenow

Elizabeth Potter Scully

Audrey Lewis Juranek

Michelle Stern and Neal Karasic

Jessie and Kim Hillenbrand

Jeffrey W. Ashley

Nicole Parent Haughey and Phil Haughey Jr.


Pete and Sabrina Erickson

Tim and Melanie Lawwill

Brenda Standley

(in memory of Donald Lee Walker)

James and Patricia Brennan

Kermit Roosevelt

Irwin Nikko Jose

Asheesh Malaney

Patrick Harlan

Julie Foster Rettinger and David Rettinger

Michelle Rudd

(in memory of Chance)

Richard and Carol Margolis

Patrick Armstrong

Hanne Juul Jorgensen

Anton Zuiker

Susan and Tim O'Halloran

Thomas Lawwill

Jennifer and Jim Larson

Anna Andrade Barbosa

Christie Grymes Thompson

Carole Kesler

Kate Gellert

Joseph Schumacher

Caroline Abla

Georgina Bukenya Fields

Jason D. Breed

David Thomas

Karen Buzzard

Caterina Frisone

Brian Valentine

Kirsty Wright

Robert Pascal

Ken Reisenfeld

Christine Wright

Elaine Read

Brian Charles Bell

Dave Friedman

Robb Williams

Fans at CrowdRise


Special thanks go to members of our 

"KickStart Circle,"

whose generous private donations made preliminary fieldwork possible.

Susan Walker

Donald Lee Walker

(in memoriam)

Helene and Virginia Carlson

Theresa Crawford

Francine Margolis and Jens Juul Jorgensen

Kelley Jones

Gretchen Brennan

Marie Pace

Marla Sanzone

Cindy Sobolewski

Nathan, Julie and Sophie Hanson

Kathy and Chris Rentfrow

Jeri Cain

Kim Memeger

Gayle and Pete Doyle

Christina and Kosuke Imai

Stephen and Bonnie Brennan

Keri Delaney and Heike Heemann

Sean and Gretchen Brennan

Karen and Donny Buzzard

Christie and Harmar Thompson

Caterina Frisone

Michael and Natalee Brennan

Tim Brennan

Sue Irwin

Zoe Cummings and Troy Resch

Tom and Carolyn Brennan

Moitri Savard

Tim McCarthy and CJ McCrowder

Janice Trayes

Diana Bowen

Christopher Walker

Ralph Pennel

Andrew Strickman

Christine and Drew McFadden

Cathy Cassani Adams

Danielle and Len Strickman

Karen Osterle



Would you like to join our Donors Circle and be a vital part of something path-breaking?  

You can do it here!  And it's tax-deductible!

Your contribution will make the next stage of our work together possible.  

It takes just seconds to do and is 100% secure.  And 100% change-making.

Simply go to our Appeal on CrowdRise!

With your help, we can do something amazing together. 

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