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 We're fully open-source.  It's a foundational principle to our work.  

Read here Elizabeth's convention-breaking call for trans-disciplinarity in practice.  

"A Practitioner’s Case for Working Differently"



Jump below for testimonials to Elizabeth's work and the impact of a TranscendDiscipline orientation.


Jump to Resources for an in-depth look at the ideas animating our collaboration.  

You'll find our story, the brief that launched our alliance, our guiding framework, and much more.  

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"Really, really amazing!  

Being introduced to these ideas and working together with Elizabeth is powerful.  It's an orientation that creates the kind of thinking that really impacts.  It's deeper, more creative, and more empowering than anything else we've been exposed to.  

It fires an organization up.  It frees you to think outside the box.  It's also a mindset that's touched me a lot personally.  

It has changed what I think possible, and I consider having this chance to be a real achievement in my life."

A. Ngabirano, Director of Field Programs, Conservation Through Public Health, Uganda

"Wow.  Energizing!  

Working together is already making a big impact.  It's empowering.  

It's the difference between 'providing' services and really 'investing' in the forces that make change happen.  And that is transformational to those we work with, to ourselves, and to an organization.  It's a mindset that's more helpful to the community.  It's also really practical.  I have a lot of new ideas now to put into action.  

 I feel very inspired."

R. Magayane, Core Program Team, Tanzania People & Wildlife Fund, Tanzania

"Elizabeth is one of the most impactful advisors to an organization I have seen in the more than a decade

I have worked with this organization."

S. Berzeg, Vice President for Global Growth, Counterpart International

"Elizabeth lifted us from a structural to a strategic space, expanding our impact across a complex global organization.  She provides invaluable guidance, informed by deep expertise and perspectives that transcend sectors.  

She is an unusual talent."

K. Frohardt, Executive Director, WildEarth Allies

"Simply put, Elizabeth is a superstar.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it.

She mixes astute leadership, strategic insight and deep analysis with a passionate drive to make a difference in the world.

Her genuine humility and sharp business IQ make her a uniquely powerful voice and a truly transformative leader.

Executives and interns alike speak of her warmth, accessibility, support, mentorship, and the scope and depth of her contributions across a global organization.  She is universally admired.  Inspirational."

R. Short, Senior Director of Global Programs & Director of Institutional Partnerships, NetHope

"Elizabeth is exceptionally insightful, one of our brightest stars.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

S. Hansch, Board Director, Relief International

"Elizabeth brings laser sharp and strategic focus to initiatives she leads.  She is a trusted and immensely valuable advisor."

A. Sardar, Chief Innovation Officer, Civicus World Alliance

"Elizabeth has exceptional skills conceptualizing and delivering top-line strategy and on-the-ground results."

A. Adodoadji, CEO, AfriLink Entrepreneurs International

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